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PledPharma receives US patent for method of treatment related to calmangafodipir

May 11, 2020

PledPharma AB (STO: PLED) has received a notice of allowance from US Patent Office (USPTO) regarding method of treatment claims, forming an additional protective layer around candidate drugs PledOx® and Aladote®.

The decision from USPTO is based on PledPharma’s second patent application with the title ”Pharmaceutical Compositions and Therapeutic Methods Employing a Combination of a Manganese Complex Compound and a Non-Manganese Complex Form of the Compound”. The expiry date for the patent is July 2030.

“We are pleased with the notice of allowance of our second patent application from the USPTO to further strengthen our robust patent portfolio”, said Nicklas Westerholm, CEO, PledPharma.

This second patent family protects against the use of a manganese-containing complex (e.g. mangafodipir) in combination or administered sequentially with a non-manganese complex (e.g. calcium fodipir), This is in addition to the already approved composition-of-matter patent of calmangafodipir for the treatment of e.g. acetaminophen (paracetamol) induced acute liver failure or oxaliplatin induced peripheral nerve damage, with expiry date December 2032.

The patent has previously been approved in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and South Korea, with July 2030 as its expiry date.



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