Egetis is an innovative, unique, and integrated pharmaceutical drug development company, focusing on projects in late-stage development for treatment of serious rare/niche diseases with significant unmet medical needs in the orphan drug segment

Warrants programs

Egetis has two warrants programs outstanding

The program that runs from 2018-2021 of 779,500 warrants, of which 385,000 warrants were subscribed at the end of 2018 to the same terms as the previous program.

At full utilization of all warrants, the share capital increases by SEK 115,300 through the issue of 2,306,000 shares, which upon full exercise would correspond to a dilution of 4.5%.

And the employee stock option program 2020/2023

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting it was resolved to introduce an employee stock option program for the employees of the company. The program comprises no more than 3 000 000 employee stock options where each employee stock option entitles the holder to acquire one new share at a price of SEK 12.30. Allotted employee stock options vest for a period from the date of allotment to 7 May 2023. The participant can exercise allotted and vested employee stock options from 7 May 2023 until 7 May 2024. Exercise of employee stock options require that the participant is employed by the company during the whole vesting period. The employee stock options shall not be considered securities and shall not be possible to transfer or pledge. In order to make delivery of shares under the employee stock option program possible, and to secure costs associated therewith, in particular social security contributions, the Annual General Meeting resolved on a directed issue of no more than 3 942 000 warrants and to approve transfer of warrants.



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