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Interim report first quarter 2015

April 21, 2015

PledPharma AB
Interim information

Interim report first quarter 2015

The phase IIb study confirms PledOx® potential to improve the lives for a large
number of cancer patients 

Stockholm, 2015-04-21 08:03 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 

Significant events during January- March

  -- Top-line results from phase IIb study - PledOx
 reduces nerve damage in conjunction with chemotherapy by 43 percent

  -- Net result for the period amounted to SEK 
-12 151 (-6 775)k 
  -- Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period amounted to SEK 
86 070 (41 388)k 

  -- Cash flow from operating activities amounted to SEK -13 972 (-7 914)k for
     the quarter
  -- Result per share amounted to SEK 
-0.4 (-0.3) 
for the period

Significant events after the end of the period

  -- Annual General Meeting was held on April 14, 2015 where the General Meeting
     resolved in accordance with the submitted proposals. As members of the
     Board, Håkan Åström, Andreas Bunge, Martin Nicklasson, Sten Nilsson and Eva
     Redhe Ridderstad were elected.

CEO comment

We are now an important step closer to our ultimate goal of improving the lives
of a large number of cancer patients. 

At the end of the quarter, we finally had confirmation that PledOx® has the
potential to reduce the serious nerve damage caused by chemotherapy, in
patients treated for colorectal cancer. This nerve damage (chemotherapy induced
peripheral neuropathy, CIPN) is, as we have previously described the most
troublesome side-effect of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can cure cancer, but a
large proportion of patients suffer from nerve damage. Such nerve damage can
cause debilitating problems that in many cases become chronic and irreversible.
This may involve extreme sensitivity to cold, serious disturbances in fine
motor skills or severe pain, particularly in the hands and feet, and there is
currently no effective treatment available. 

This is also the main reason that clinicians are forced to reduce the
chemotherapy dose, temporarily cease or completely discontinue the treatment.
So apart from these injuries, the patients also risk losing out on the needed
chemotherapy. In addition to the suffering and problems, CIPN patients also
incur significantly larger healthcare costs. Calculations have been made in the
United States showing that the CIPN resulted in additional healthcare costs of
over USD 17 000 per patient during the first year only. This was in addition to
the workloss burden and cost for the cancer treatment in general. 

This means that the positive outcomes (top-line) we presented on March 29 forms
the so far most important milestone in PledPharma’s history. The Phase IIb
study PLIANT showed that our drug candidate PledOx® can prevent nerve damage
arising from chemotherapy, without negatively affecting the anti-cancer effect
of chemotherapy. This is something that no one else so far has succeeded with. 

Patients were pretreated with PledOx® or placebo in the randomized,
double-blind, placebo-controlled study, in order to reduce the risk of side
effects associated with chemotherapy treatment of advanced colorectal cancer.
The study showed a clinically relevant decrease of 43 percent compared to
placebo in the incidence of neuropathy. In addition, it was found that the
anti-cancer effect of the chemo was not negatively affected by

Bengt Glimelius, professor emeritus of oncology at Uppsala University and
principal investigator of the study, commented the PLIANT top-line results;
"This is to my knowledge the first study in which a treatment has shown to
reduce this type of side effects in a clinically meaningful way, without any
seemingly negative impact on the anti-cancer effects of the chemotherapy." 

The study results will form the basis for the continued development plans,
which according to plan will be discussed at an end of Phase II meeting with
the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). We now look forward to, based on the
promising results of the study, intensify discussions with potential partners
and continue preparations for the next step in the clinical development of

In addition to our progress with the PLIANT study, we have continued the work
with the drug candidate Aladote™. This project is also based on the PLED
platform, but is focused on reducing or preventing acute liver failure as a
result of an overdose of acetaminophen, one of the most common drug poisonings.
After having secured the development of the project through a rights issue at
the end of 2014, the goal is now implementing a phase II study in preparation
for future licensing. 

PledPharma stands stronger than ever before. We have further strengthened our
project portfolio and with the clinical data for PledOx® we have reduced the
risk and increased the opportunities in future discussions with potential
partners and regulatory authorities. In addition, we have a stable financial
base for the further development of the equally important Aladote™. 

Jacques Näsström

CEO, PledPharma AB (publ)

PledPharma in brief

PledPharma develops new drugs that protect the body against oxidative stress –
a condition that can be caused by chemotherapy treatment and acetaminophen
(paracetamol) poisoning. The company's most advanced project PledOx® reduces
nerve damage associated with chemotherapy. The drug candidate Aladote™ is being
developed to reduce the risk of acute liver failure associated with
acetaminophen poisoning. The project PP-099 seeks to limit the damage that
occurs to the heart muscle during myocardial infarction. PledPharma’s drug
candidates are based on the further development of a compound that, for
completely different purposes, already has been used by more than 200 000
patients. This may limit the development risk and simplify the approval
process. Pledpharma (STO: PLED) is listed on Nasdaq First North. Erik Penser
Bankaktiebolag is the company’s Certified Adviser. For more information, see 

For further information contact:
Jacques Näsström, CEO cell +46 73 713 09 79

Johan Stuart, CFO cell +46 70 66 44 096



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