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Clarification regarding ownership changes in PledPharma

November 23, 2020

Stockholm, November 23, 2020. PledPharma AB (STO: PLED) today announced that company has been informed that the shareholders Cidro Förvaltning AB (Peter Lindell) and Nortal Investments AB (Staffan Persson) on 10 and 20 November 2020, respectively, have transferred PledPharma shares. The transfers have triggered obligations to submit major shareholder notifications since both shareholders in these entities have decreased their respective holdings to a level below 5 % of the total number of shares and votes. PledPharma therefore wishes to inform that both transfers have been done to insurance endowment policies associated with the respective sellers.

Nortal Investments AB (Staffan Persson) and Cidro Förvaltning AB (Peter Lindell) will fulfil their obligations to subscribe for shares in the on-going rights issue.



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